Muzikale bruggen worden gebouwd vanuit dub, psychedelic en ambient-muziek. Bassist Jonathan Spruyt, drummer Pascal Schouten en synthesist /gitarist Francesco Taranto zijn samen een explosieve cocktail met volle smaken. Bridgefinder zorgt ervoor dat elke show uniek is! Dit wil je toch niet missen?


BRIDGEFINDER plays live improvised electronic music. From Dubbed-out Ambient Beats to House, Techno, Drum 'n Bass and Jungle - an 'anything can happen' extravaganza.

Dreamt up by drummer Pascal Schouten (Roots Rising, Roos Blufpand, Knarsetand, NNENN), BRIDGEFINDER has a strong foundation in Dub and Psychedelic, Ambient music; the starting point from which they build their musical bridges. Throw bassist Jonathan Spruyt (Roots Rising, Quibus, Heavy Faces) and synthesist/guitarist Francesco Taranto (aka Ambient House Producer Elemenopee) into the mix and you can expect an explosive cocktail of musical flavors, with every show being utterly unique.

De André Manuel Weide